Top 5 Ways The Internet Of Things Can Improve Restaurants

As the physical world around us continues to merge with cyberspace, so too do our industries. Put simply, the Internet of Things (IoT) is fundamentally changing how companies around the world do business and think about the vast amounts of data collected via smart sensors.

So, how can this revolutionary technology, which has positively impacted industries ranging from manufacturing to agriculture, help to improve the restaurant industry? Join us as we walk through the top five ways that the Internet of Things can help to improve restaurants.

Streamlined Operations And Improved Workflows

Regular control of kitchen appliances is not only a requirement for business success, but it is in fact legally mandatory in terms of health and safety regulations in many countries. With the Internet of Things, kitchen technology can do all of this on its own.

A Better Customer Experience

The restaurant business is fast, hectic, and strenuous, particularly when you are serving up delicious food. This is exactly why may restaurant chains are now deploying IoT. Whether it be an online ordering app or RFID technology in casual restaurants that allows waiters to locate customers who may be waiting outside to be seated, the Internet of Things appears set to be a game changing technology within the foodservice industry.

Improved Food Waste Management

Regardless of the type of service or food served, all restaurants have to work with ingredients that have a fairly short shelf life. Being highly intuitive, IoT-enabled kitchen appliances are able to regulate food storage and inventory levels through self analysis, thus preventing situations where food waste may have occurred in the past in real time. This way, managers are better informed of what goes to waste, what may be lacking, and what is well stocked before it becomes an issue.

Employee Safety Through The Internet of Things

Automatic solutions dependent on the Internet of Things offer efficiency to all businesses, no matter the size or industry. When automated kitchen equipment needs no human supervision, this means that the jobs of chefs, cooks, managers, and staffers becomes vastly easier. As a result, employees can rest assured that they have the freedom to focus more on the task at hand – ensuring that risky multitasking in busy kitchens (which can oftentimes lead to injury or accidents) becomes a thing of the past.

Remote Kitchen Management

Most importantly, the Internet of Things is allowing for the remote management and monitoring of kitchens throughout the restaurant industry. When needed, a kitchen manager can turn an oven on, switch a refrigerator off, ask appliances for maintenance reports, and troubleshoot air conditioning problems, all from the convenience of their personal phone or computer.

Let’s face it, kitchen equipment is expensive and oftentimes has a very short lifespan, which is exactly why this sort of innovation is such an exciting development within the restaurant industry. Staying connected means that managers and owners/operators are able to stay on top of all of the developments within their restaurant, regardless of their location.

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