To Monitor the Vineyard by the IoT

Internet is a progressive technology. With every passing day internet is making deep roots in almost every aspect of life. Today internet has converted into “Internet of Things (IoT)”. IoT is a network of smart things or objects that are able to communicate and share data with each other without human involvement. IoT is actually a combination of two words i.e IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operations Technology). These two fields empower IoT such as the by use of sensor technology information is gathered and then by using software platforms data analytics are performed.

There are numerous applications of IoT sensors such as smart cars, smart homes etc. You can control the functions of the car or different appliances in the house from some distant location with the help of a smart phone app. The IoT sensors collect information and keep you updated. Similarly IoT sensors are used in agriculture for different purposes for example to measure air temperature, humidity, soil moisture etc

The cause of using IoT technology in “vineyard” is almost the same as agriculture. IoT wireless sensors are used to measure various environmental parameters to refine the quality as well as to increase the quantity of harvested grapes. These sensor are deployed at various points in the vineyard to collect and send the necessary information like soil data, climatic data and physical conditions of plants to central unit. The computer programs automatically process this data and convert it into presentable form. This helps vineyard owners to perform necessary actions on daily basis. For example to control pests, diseases and irrigation system. Hence vineyard stakeholders can save labour cost and increase profit. We discuss some of these advantages below in detail.

  1. Observing Vineyard Conditions in Real-time

IoT sensor technology enables growers to maintain vine quality status and irrigation essentials in real-time. They can make decisions about the suitable time of harvesting, when they need to do vine pruning etc. In addition to this predicting the weather condition is valuable to take precautionary measure in order to avoid or minimize the effects of any disaster.

  1. Avert Diseases

As vineyard grower, if you don’t take any preventing decision or action on right time, it could cost a real damage. For example, pests and diseases like mildews, botrytis etc can cause a financial loss for vineyard growers. The combination of on-site IoT sensors and programming based analysis models empower growers in decision making. These technologies anticipate any disease development. So they can take precise measures.

  1. Automatic and Remote Controlling

Using IoT sensors vine growers can remotely access the data about temperature, disease etc. They can turn ON and OFF irrigation system from some remote location. In addition to this IoT technology can automatically control the spraying and irrigation systems.

  1. Low Cost Production

With the help of IoT technology you can access the data every time. So you can do better management of the vineyard. For example by using automatic systems growers can reduce the amount of water, spray and fertilizers. This not only reduces cost but increases quality of production too.

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